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Global solutions
Revolutionising the global renewable energy sector
Carbon neutral
Providing highly efficient carbon neutral technologies
Team excellence
Our talented team of scientists develop exceptionally high quality technologies
Satisfied clients
We work with contacts from multiple industry sectors
Industry solutions
We provide bespoke solutions to various global industries
Climate change mitigation
Our solutions help with efficient resourse use and mitigate against climate change


Plasmergy, a division of Stopford Energy & Environment, is an international technology group developing advanced solutions for the sustainable generation of energy and fuels. Using our patented microwave induced plasma (MIP) technology, Plasmergy is revolutionising the renewable energy sector with the provision of highly efficient process technologies to maximise energy generation from biomass and waste whilst minimising carbon emissions across their supply chains. Our novel technologies enable the effective recovery and recycling of carbon, mitigating against climate change and enhancing quality of life through the provision of clean low-carbon energy.

Our technologies include: MIP Gasification, MIP Torrefaction & MIP Gas Cleaning.

The Plasmergy technologies have been developed by Stopford Energy & Environment in partnership with United Utilities. From feasibility through to demonstration, the project has been supported by InnovateUK under their Carbon Abatement Technology (CAT) programme.