MIP Gasification


What is Microwave Induced Plasma Gasification?

The Plasmergy MIP Gasification process is a novel energy from waste technology that employs high temperature MIP for the thermal conversion of solid fuel into a synthesis gas. This staged gasification approach enables the composition of the syngas to be tuned to be rich in hydrogen, rich in carbon monoxide, and low in tars so that only minimal gas treatment is required. The process has been designed to enable a flexible approach to energy generation with a gas engine, gas turbine or fuel cell technology. Furthermore, with hydrogen and carbon monoxide being the main constituents, the syngas also has other advanced applications for chemicals synthesis and for the production of transport fuels.

Years to develop
Technology investment
Tpa pilot plant
Intellectual Property

The development of the Plasmergy MIP Gasification technology has resulted in the development of intellectual property in a number of key areas:

- MIP Plasma Torches

- Reactor Design

- Reactor Feed System

Intellectual property protection is now being pursued, with many areas directly transferable to the Plasmergy advanced energy and fuel generation technology portfolio.


Plasmergy inputs outputs diagram