Eliminates waste miles.
Provides a solution for waste disposal and renewable energy generation.
Future-proofs against changes in waste arisings.
Is a low CAPEX modular technology.
Qualifies for the UK's renewable energy incentive scheme.


The technical areas of innovation realised by Plasmergy has enabled the development of a waste to energy technology that is capable of the above. A key selling point of our technology is its flexibility, with the system able to dispose of almost all types of waste in even hard to access locations and produce a multitude of saleable end products.

The technology's applications are therefore endless, able to cater for wide range of sectors, some of which are mentioned below. If you would like to find out more about opportunities within your sector or organisation please do not hesitate to contact us.


Sector Applications



Disaster relief
Farming and forestry
Off-grid and island communities
Waste management
Construction and manufacturing
Facilities management
Sector Examples

cruise shipThe system is small-scale and containerised with a very small footprint so can be used to dispose of waste and generate energy just about anywhere – even on cruise ships that generate approximately 50 tons of solid waste a week. For ships our technology could mean substantially reducing docking time for waste disposal and reducing negative environmental impact by limiting the amount of harmful waste disposed of at sea.



flood debrisBecause of its small size and modular form, our microwave plasma gasification system can be easily transported to even remote regions to provide a method of waste disposal and energy generation on site. This could include islands and off-grid communities where self-sufficient energy demand is high and access to end markets for recyclables is limited. A further application could be in disaster stricken areas, for example following flooding in the UK, where rapid disposal of debris is required.



medical wasteThe Plasmergy system uses extremely high temperatures and so is capable of treating almost all types of waste, including medical and hazardous. Since the system is capable of providing a method for both waste disposal and energy generation, facilities can be self-sufficient reducing costs and risks involved with waste transportation and alternative energy generation. This would be particularly important in the military where there are obvious safety issues regarding safeguarding base locations. Other facilities producing medical waste, such as hospitals, would also benefit from this system.


airportSince the technology is modular it can even be scaled up to meet the needs of large facilities such as airports. The huge amounts of waste produced at airports could even be converted, via our Plasmergy system and third party chemical synthesising, into aviation fuel.